The 10 Best Places to Go Snow Tubing in Northern Virginia (2023)

Careening down a frozen slick lane in an inflatable tube is an exhilarating winter experience. It’s no surprise then that it’s also a popular one, especially since it’s more affordable than skiing, accessible to practically any age or skill level and doesn’t require much in the way of fancy equipment. If you’re looking to get some easy thrills this winter, here is where to go snow tubing this winter. Wheeeee!

Editor’s note: This article was updated on December 14, 2021.

Massanutten Resort

The popular Virginia resort two hours west of Northern Virginia offers 90-minute sessions at its tubing park (pictured above), which has 16 lanes that are 900 feet in length with a drop of 120 vertical feet, and two moving walkway-style conveyor lifts to take you back to the top. At night the park glows with neon lights and pumps out energetic music for its Northern Lights Tubing, and guests are encouraged to bring glow sticks to add to the ambience. Participation is limited to guests 36-inches and taller. 4620 Massanutten Dr., Massanutten

Wintergreen Resort

The Plunge is Virginia’s largest tubing park, 10-stories high and longer than three football fields, where riders can hit speeds that top out at 30 mph. Not surprisingly, that means tickets for the 75-minute sessions sell out quickly. Currently tickets are available online only; every Sunday morning around 10 a.m. they are released for the following Thursday through Sunday. They are closed Monday through Wednesday except on holidays. Tubing here is recommended for those age 6 and up, and the minimum height requirement is 42 inches. One person per tube is allowed, though you may hook up tubes depending on conditions. Route 664, Wintergreen

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Snowshoe Mountain

The Coca-Cola Tube Park is a six-story, eight-lane hill with a tow-rope to help you back to the top. They also offer “Galactic Tubing” at night, with LED lights and music and an observation deck with heaters, fire pits, and comfortable seating. Two-hour sessions must be booked in advance online. The park is open daily; check the website for times. 10 Snowshoe Dr., Snowshoe, West Virginia

Liberty Mountain Resort

Those age 5 years and up can hit up to 15 lanes at Boulder Ridge, with a carpeted conveyor belt to carry you back to the top. The younger set (age 2 to 4) can have fun at Pebble Ridge, which is designed just for them. Tickets must be purchased online in advance for the two-hour sessions, and COVID protocols include masks and social distancing. The park is open Thursday through Sunday, as well as holidays. 78 Country Club Trail, Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania

Whitetail Resort

Two-hour sessions for the 16 tubing lanes are sold online. All riders must be 5 years of age to ride the large runs; a special kiddie tubing run is available for children 2 to 4 years of age. The tubing park is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 13805 Blairs Valley Rd., Mercersberg, Pennsylvania

Bryce Resort

The Virginia resort is selling a maximum of 40 tickets every half-hour for 90-minute sessions on its three 800-foot tubing lanes to allow for social distancing. Children must be at least 4 years of age and 36-inches tall, and masks are required for anyone over the age of five. You can add on ice skating for an additional $8 per person. 1982 Fairway Dr., Basye, Virginia

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Heritage Hills Golf Resort

The York, Pennsylvania golf resort offers snow tubing through AvalancheXpress, with several lanes available via a day pass, night pass, or season pass and discounted passes for groups of 15 or more. Passes must be booked in advance and an online waiver completed. 2700 Mount Rose Ave., York, Pennsylvania

The Omni Homestead Resort

The classic resort’s Penguin Slides Tubing Park features well-groomed lanes and a conveyor to take guests back to the top. Sessions are one-hour each, reservations are required, and you must be five years old and at least 48-inches to ride. 7969 Sam Snead Hwy., Hot Springs

Wisp Resort

There are 12 tube shoots that are 750-feet long at this Maryland resort, with two “Conveyor Carpets” to take you back up to the fun. Two-hour sessions must be booked online, and children must be at least 4 years old and 42-inches tall to participate. You can add on a ride to the Mountain Coaster for $9 for a single rider and $14 for a double rider. 296 Marsh Hill Rd., McHenry, Maryland

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Featuring up to 10 large tubing lanes that are 800-feet long, the park is for ages 5 and older and is serviced by a covered magic carpet lift. The Pennsylvania resort also has a special kiddie tubing area for those 4 and under that’s not serviced by a lift but walkable. The tubing park is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. 925 Roundtop Rd., Lewisberry, Pennsylvania

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For the Sake of Journalistic Rigor, Here’s How to Snow Tube

Snow-tubing is not complicated–but it can be a little intimidating, maybe, for newbies. In any case, if you’ve never tried it, you might not know what to expect, and our mission is first and foremost to inform our readers. Kenny Hess, director of sports and risk management at Massanutten Resort, shares some tips and advice for first-timers.

Wear the proper attire to be comfortable spending a few hours outside.

Think back to your days of sledding as a kid, Hess says. Dress in layers with water-repellent clothing on the outside, consider hand and foot warmers and obviously warm gloves and a hat. If your tubing session is at night it will obviously be chillier.

Choose the right mask.

Hess points out that the cotton ones tend to get damp from the cold air and condensation of breathing through them, so disposable or lycra or spandex pens might be more comfortable. He suggests each guest bring an extra one so you can swap it out mid-session if need be.

Be mindful of the needs of small kids.

Parks have a minimum height (and sometimes age) requirement for kids; at Massanutten that requirement is 36-inches, no matter the age. Every rider must have a tube (and you can’t bring your own), so this means smaller kids who don’t meet the requirement can’t just ride in a parent’s tube. A moving walkway with a non-slip rubberized surface usually takes riders to the top of the run, and once you arrive kids can drag their tubes to the back of the line. However at the bottom they must lift it and carry it to the conveyor belt–this can be frustrating and heavy for younger kids, so parents may need to assist them.

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Conditions can change the tubing experience.

Depending on the weather, staff at Massanutten make the call as to whether or not to allow members of a family or friend group to tether their tubes together or require them to go down separately; the slicker the surface, the fewer people allowed to ride together, since doing so picks up a lot of speed. At the bottom of the runs, additional rubber mats are placed to slow down riders. Be prepared to be flexible, and remind kids (and nervous riders) that they might have to go it alone.

Have fun!

“You’re outside, you’re not cramped in a car and you are out enjoying the fresh air,” Hess says. “Anyone can do it–it’s 90 minutes of pure fun!”

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What is the largest tubing park in Virginia? ›

The Plunge is Virginia's largest tubing park. Imagine being on top of a ten story building and looking out over a hill that's longer than three football fields. Now imagine going downhill on a tube at speeds reaching 30 mph. That's The Plunge!

What is the largest snow tubing park? ›

For an epic tubing experience, head to the largest snow tubing area in the U.S. at Camelback Mountain Resort in the Poconos. The resort offers 42 tubing lanes to choose from.

What is the closest tubing to DC? ›

Liberty Mountain Resort — Carroll Valley, Pennsylvania

Just a one-hour drive from the city, Liberty Mountain Resort is the closest place to go snow tubing near DC. Visitors can purchase a two-hour snow tubing session for the larger slope at Bubly Tube Park for anyone 42 inches and taller.

Where is the world's largest tubing hill? ›

Head out to Sunburst and experience the thrill of the World's Largest Tubing Hill, located right here in Kewaskum, Wisconsin! Grab your tickets and soar down this quarter-mile run for endless winter fun.

What is the newest Virginia State Park? ›

Welcome to Virginia's newest additions – Clinch River, Machicomoco and Seven Bends state parks, which brings our total to 41 Virginia State Parks, along with access to the Clinch River, York and Shenandoah rivers.

Do you need helmets for snow tubing? ›

Getting Ready to Sled or Tube

Make sure children are dressed warmly and that they are wearing gloves and boots. Always wear a helmet to prevent head injuries. Multi-sport and bicycle helmets are good options.

Do you need boots for snow tubing? ›

Your footwear should be waterproof boots or shoes designed to repel water. You can find snow boots or shoes with wool lining inserts if you need that extra bit of insulation to keep your toes nice and warm.

What is the longest snow tubing run? ›

The longest snow tubing course measures 968m and is part of the Yuzawa Park Resort, Minami Uonuma, Niigata, Japan.

What is the longest snow tubing hill in the US? ›

The longest snow tubing hill in the United States, I'm told, is at Soldier Hollow in the Wasatch Mountain State Park near Heber, Utah. It's 1,400 feet long. That's almost the length of four football fields.

What is snow tubing called? ›

Tubing, also known as inner tubing, bumper tubing, towed tubing, or kite tubing, is a recreational activity where an individual rides on top of an inner tube, either on water, snow, or through the air. The tubes themselves are also known as "donuts" or "biscuits" due to their shape.

Can you snow tube in Jackson Hole? ›

Snow tubing in Jackson Hole is a unique winter activity for the whole family to get out and enjoy the snow! King Tubes has snow tubes, three smooth groomed lanes, and a Magic Carpet to take you up the hill.

Are there secret tunnels in DC? ›

Down beneath some of the most powerful buildings in the nation's Capitol, sits a series of underground tunnels. Hidden pathways between the White House, the Capitol building, and more. Known as the Capitol Tunnels, these architectural masterpieces have been in existence for hundreds of years.

What is the best tube for floating the river? ›

The Best River Tube for a Fun-filled Adventure
  • 1 Intex River Run Inflatable Water Float – Best Overall.
  • 2 Bradley Heavy Duty Rubber Snow Tube – Best Inner Tube Option.
  • 3 Bestway Single Person Tube Float – Best Solo Option.
  • 4 Veteran Tire Swim and Snow Tube – Best Heavy-duty Option.
Jan 17, 2023

What is the steepest snow tubing in Colorado? ›

Keystone's Mountaintop Tubing Hill has opened and sits at 11,640 feet above sea level. This makes it the highest snow tubing hill in the world! With pricing starting at $30, this tubing hill has multiple lanes and a lift that's great for getting in lots of downhill sessions.

Does Maple Ridge have tubing? ›

Maple Ridge Snow Park offers snow-packed excitement with more than eight lanes for tubing that are more than 1,200 feet long and with over 100' vertical drop!

What is the tube at Snowbird? ›

We are proud to offer downhill tubing on east Chickadee located just outside the entrance to The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird. Supported by a conveyor, summer tubing is the warm weather version of snow tubing invented by “Neveplast”.

What is America's #1 state park? ›

1. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California. The second-largest state park in the contiguous United States, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park encompasses no fewer than 600,000 acres (2,428 km2) of desert plains, washes and mountain ranges in Southern California.

What is the prettiest state park? ›

The analysis of Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park – Michigan's largest state park – found that nearly 90% of reviews mention the word "beautiful," earning it the title of most beautiful U.S. state park.

What is the most popular state park in Virginia? ›

A registered Natural Landmark, First Landing is the most visited state park in Virginia and contains one of the most endangered habitat types in the world - the maritime forest.

What US state has never seen snow? ›

Where Has It Never Snowed In the U.S.? Extreme South Florida: Within the “Sunshine State,” no city south of Homestead has ever observed snow. Florida's low latitude and low elevation mean temperatures rarely get cold enough for snow to fall, let alone accumulate on the ground.

What are the top 6 snowiest cities? ›

  • Anchorage, Alaska: 77.9 inches. Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, kicks off our list of the seven snowiest cities in America. ...
  • Flagstaff, Arizona: 90.1 inches. ...
  • Boulder, Colorado: 92.8 inches. ...
  • Buffalo, New York: 95.4 inches. ...
  • Rochester, New York: 102.0 inches.
Nov 17, 2022

Is there a place where snow never melts? ›

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – Nearly two miles above sea level, a four-kilometer tunnel lies under a perpetual layer of snow, ice and mud. Avalanches can strike any month of the year.

What do I need to know before snow tubing? ›

Hats, gloves, thick socks, snow pants and a warm coat are basic essentials. Staying dry will make sure that you keep warm out on the hill, so wear layers that will wick away moisture such as polyester or polypropylene shirts or thermals.

What clothes do you need for tubing? ›

No cotton shorts or pants! Quick dry t-shirt, and wool or fleece long sleeved top (that you don't mind getting wet!) Waterproof jacket or shell for an extra layer.

Can you wear jeans snow tubing? ›

You don’t want to wear jeans or jogging pants to go snow tubing, because while you may not come in heavy contact with snow, you’ll want to stay dry as long as possible. Snow pants let you wear layers underneath for extra warmth and have an exterior fabric that repels moisture.

How many layers do you need for snow tubing? ›

In fact, you should wear at least three layers of warm clothing and footwear to make the most of your snow day experience. Base Layer. Wear a wicking, thermal base layer to keep moisture off your body. The base layer is important because it will also provide some insulation against the cold winter air.

Are snow tubes safer than sleds? ›

Sleds with steering and/or braking mechanisms are safer since they give you more control. Snow disks, tubes, and saucers may go faster, but you won't be able to stop as easily. This makes these types of sleds more dangerous. In fact, snow tubes cause more traumatic brain injuries than any other type of sled.

Can you wear sweatpants for snow tubing? ›

Layer 1: Always start with a good under-layer such as long underwear or leggings. Layer 2: Add a thick bulky layer like jeans or sweat pants. Optional Layer 3: If you have nylon running pants you can wear them as a top layer to help keep moisture out.

How fast do snow tubes go? ›

The average speed was 19 mph (range, 14-25 mph). The average kinetic energy was 1,872 J (range, 329-6,441 J).

Is snow tubing hard? ›

You don't need to be a slope or mountain expert to enjoy snow tubing. In fact, you don't have to have large muscles or incredible balance. So long as you can sit down and hold tight, snow tubing is definitely for you.

Is Snowcat Ridge snow real? ›

Yes, all of the snow at Snowcat Ridge is 100% real snow.

What is the highest ski slope in the US? ›

The ski resort Breckenridge is the highest ski resort in the United States of America. With 3,914 m , it has the highest slope/ski slope or the highest ski lift/lift in the United States of America.

Why is Snowcat Ridge closed? ›

Less than a month after opening, Snowcat Ridge was shut down due to health and safety violations. Inspectors issued violations to the snow park concerning its use of temporarily modified shipping containers in the Alpine Village, the company said.

Is snow tubing scary? ›

Like anything new, snow tubing can be a little scary at first, but those initial news soon disappear, after your first few runs. If you are new to the sport and or new to the area, be sure to take some time to watch how the other tubers approach the hills and any high-speed banked turns.

Is sledding or tubing better? ›

Snow tubes are more aerodynamic, and will therefore go faster than sleds. As such, they are ideal for anyone who would like a little more adventure than what a sled offers. Even so, tubes are notorious for being harder to steer.

What are the two types of tubing? ›

The two general types of poly tubes are HDPE and LDPE with HDPE being very rigid and inflexible while LDPE is more pliable and forgiving. Regardless of the variations in thickness, both forms of polyethylene begin with the application of heat to petroleum.

What month does Jackson Hole get the most snow? ›

December and January are the two snowiest months of the year on average in Jackson Hole. This does vary each year – for example, February has been a very snowy month in this area in recent years despite being “only” the third snowiest month historically.

What month is best for skiing Jackson Hole? ›

Winter Season: November-March

If you're looking to ski on a slope of perfect powdery snow, winter is the best time to go to Jackson Hole. You may find it easier to book accommodations during this time of year, as long as you plan ahead rather than waiting until the snow falls and other skiers flock to the area.

Can beginners go to Jackson Hole? ›

Often ranked as having some of the best expert ski terrains in the country, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is also home to beginner and intermediate runs.

What's underneath the Capitol? ›

The United States Capitol crypt is the large circular room filled with forty neoclassical Doric columns directly beneath the United States Capitol rotunda. It was built originally to support the rotunda as well as offer an entrance to Washington's Tomb.

What's hidden under the Washington Monument? ›

Officially known as “Bench Mark A,” this underground oddity is actually a Geodetic Control Point that's used by surveyors. It's part of the network of a million control points across the country that helps the National Geodetic Survey (NGS) synchronize all of the government's maps.

Is there a tunnel under the White House? ›

What is underneath the White House? Allegedly, there are at least two tunnels underneath the presidential mansion. Of these, one connects with the South Lawn and the other to the Treasury Building.

What body type floats best? ›

Generally speaking, the elderly, women, and persons who are not physically fit have a tendency to float better because they have a higher fat to muscle tissue ratio even if they are very slim. Also, fully inflated lungs will enhance buoyancy tremendously.

Is tube floating safe? ›

Why Water Tubes are Dangerous. Tubes are flotation devices that are specifically designed for “tubing.” While these tubes are sold as toys, they are actually quite dangerous. Each year, tubing results in a number of life-changing injuries.

Which float is the best? ›

The Best Pool Floats of 2023
  • FLOAT-EH Loon Pool Float.
  • Aqua 4-in-1 Deluxe Monterey Float.
  • Intex King Kool Lounger.
  • Aqua Campania Ultimate 2-in-1 Pool Float Lounge.
  • Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat.
Aug 19, 2022

What is the biggest national park in Virginia? ›

Virginia is home to 30 national park sites which include: Shenandoah National Park, Great Falls National Park, The Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. What is the biggest national park in Virginia? Shenandoah National Park.

What is the longest snow tube on the East Coast? ›

Hawksnest – 30 Lanes

With 30 tubing lanes that vary from 400 to 1,000 feet long, Hawksnest Snow tubing is the largest snow tubing operation on the East Coast. Other features include two magic carpets, snow making capabilities and lighting so tubing doesn't have to end once it gets dark.

Is Massanutten in the Shenandoah Valley? ›

Located in the heart of the famed Shenandoah Valley, Massanutten is easily accessible from many major cities. Located in the heart of Virginia's famed Shenandoah Valley, Massanutten is a four-season resort destination unlike any other.

What is the 1 state park in Virginia? ›

1. | GRAYSON HIGHLANDS STATE PARK: Near Mount Rogers and Whitetop Mountain, Virginia's two highest mountains, Grayson Highlands offers scenic views of alpine-like peaks of more than 5,000 feet high.

What's the prettiest National Park? ›

Top 10 most beautiful National Parks in the USA
Jul 5, 2021

Are snow tubes better than sleds? ›

Snow tubes are more aerodynamic, and will therefore go faster than sleds. As such, they are ideal for anyone who would like a little more adventure than what a sled offers. Even so, tubes are notorious for being harder to steer.

Where did they get 17 feet of snow? ›

Back in December 2021, a snowstorm dropped almost 17 feet of snow over the Sierra Nevada mountains. But by March 2022, officials found only 2.5 inches of snow at the Phillips Station near Lake Tahoe.

Why is Shenandoah Valley famous? ›

The Shenandoah Valley is located in the western part of Virginia and the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. The region is best known for its natural beauty, many wineries, and Civil War history.

How much are tubing tickets at Massanutten? ›

Monday - FridaySaturday, Sunday, & Holiday*
$30 (all ages) / per person for 90-minute Session$40 (all ages) / per person for 90-minute Session

How much does Massanutten cost? ›

2023 Summer Rates (June 2 - Sept 1)
Green DaysAll Other Day
General Admission 42” Tall & Over$45$65
General Admission Under 42” Tall$34$49
Gold Card Property Owner & Military 42” Tall & Over$36$52
Gold Card Property Owner & Military Under 42” Tall$27$39
3 more rows

Is Snowbird expensive? ›

A financial planner says being a snowbird can be much more expensive than people expect, and the best way to make it happen is to plan far in advance.

What to do at Snowbird if you don t ski? ›

Snowbird Activities Open
  • Snowmobiling & Snowshoeing. Snowbird also offers an array of activities such as snowmobiling tours through Lofty Peaks Snowmobiling, including clothing rental if you need it. ...
  • Snowbird Tour. ...
  • Heli-Skiing. ...
  • Fly Fishing. ...
  • Ski Rental. ...
  • Mountain School. ...
  • Basketball.

Can beginners go to Snowbird? ›

Snowbird is certainly known for its expert terrain, but beginners and intermediates skiers can still have a great time at “The Bird.” Beginners who are arriving with their own gear may prefer to park at Entry 1—you'll have immediate access to Baby Thunder.


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