How To Get Amazon Orders Shipped To Ukraine | How I Travel (2023)

Shopping on Amazon in Ukraine used to be a hassle, but not anymore. This post lays out a dead-simple process for getting orders from Amazon—or any other retailer that doesn’t ship to Ukraine—shipped right to your doorstep with zero trouble and minimal fees.


Does Amazon Ship To Ukraine?

It depends.

On one hand, Amazon ships some items to Ukraine, including much of its clothing and home decor.

But on the other hand, the infamous “This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location” message seems to be popping up more and more, especially when you try to buy more valuable products like cameras and electronics.

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So the real answer is that Amazon ships some items to Ukraine, but not everything.

So in this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to get 100% of the items on Amazon shipped to Ukraine. Here’s how to do it.

Method #1: Amazon’s International Page

You probably didn’t know that Amazon has a special search portal that only shows you items that can be shipped to your current address.

Here’s a link to it.

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But in order to make full use of that page, you first need to set up your “1-Click” address so Amazon knows what country you want to ship to. That’s the only way to ensure you get relevant search results.

To do that, go to this page, make sure your current address is listed as your default address, and enable 1-Click on the right side.

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Then you’re all set!

Now when you go back and search for what you want to buy, you’ll only see items that ship to your current address. If whatever you want to buy still won’t ship to you, you need Method #2.

Method #2: Shipping Amazon Items To Ukraine With A Package Forwarder

Even after you set up your 1-Click address (see Method #1 above), Amazon still won’t ship a lot of items to you in Ukraine, because they only ship them within the United States. It’s notoriously difficult to buy electronics from in Ukraine, but even harmless items like books can be hard to get, too.

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In those cases, you’ll need to work with a package forwarder, a company that will accept your package at their USA warehouse and forward it on to your address in Ukraine. Here’s how do do it.

Step 1: Choose A Package Forwarder

Choosing the right package forwarder is a big deal, because that decision will determine how quickly you receive your order, and how much you have to pay for the service. I spent many hours doing some deep research on fourteen of the best virtual mailboxes, scoring each of them on a wide variety of relevant metrics. Here are five of the main metrics I looked at:

  • Service Fees: How much do they charge to provide their core service of accepting and shipping packages, plus ancillary services such as long-term storage, re-packing, package consolidation, and more.
  • Monthly/Annual Fees: How much do they charge in monthly or annual fees, if at all.
  • Pricing Transparency: How much do I know about their pricing structure before sending my order to their warehouse.
  • Speed: How quickly will they process my package.
  • Customer Service: How satisfied are other users with their service, and how thoroughly/quickly do they respond to my questions.

After reviewing the data I collected on these and other metrics, it became clear to me that Planet Express was the best choice for this job. Their customer service team responded to my emails quickly and thoroughly, they have thousands of 5-star reviews online, and their fees were consistently lower than all of the other package forwarders I looked at.

Here are a few other things I like about Planet Express:

  • Planet Express has a tax-free warehouse in Oregon, so you can avoid paying sales tax on your orders.
  • Planet Express will consolidate multiple packages into a single box, significantly reducing shipping costs when you make multiple purchases.
  • Planet Express sends you free photos of your package as soon as it arrives at their warehouse.
  • Planet Express offers extremely cheap storage for your packages. Every package receives 10 days of free storage, but after that, Planet Express only charges one cent per pound per day. That means storing a 1-lb package in their warehouse for a month only costs $0.30!
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Step 2: Ship Your Order To Planet Express

As soon as you’ve signed up for Planet Express, you’ll receive a unique mailing address at their warehouse. Once you decide on the items you want to buy, just enter your Planet Express mailing address instead of your home mailing address and you’re all set.

If you’re not able to enter your home address as your credit card billing address, you should also be able to use Planet Express’ warehouse address without any issues.

To learn more about Planet Express—including what it looks like inside the Planet Express dashboard—watch the video below.

Step 3: Forward Your Package

As soon as your order arrives at Planet Express’ warehouse, they’ll send you photos of the package to let you know it’s arrived. You’ll also be given a series of shipping options to choose from.

I find that there’s generally at least 4 shipping options corresponding to 4 different price-speed combinations. Sometimes there can be as many as 10 or more shipping options—it just depends on the weight, size and value of your package.

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My Personal Experience

I’ve used Planet Express more than a dozen times to ship packages to different parts of the world, and the experience has always been very smooth. Here’s how things went the last time I did it.

First, I had my order sent to my unique address at the Planet Express warehouse. Less than 48 hours later, I received an email from Planet Express letting me know that my order had arrived, which is extremely quick.

Second, I filled in Planet Express’ super-easy customs declaration form with the four pieces of information required:

  1. The item being shipped
  2. The number of items being shipped
  3. The value of the item
  4. Whether the item contains batteries
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Third, I chose the shipping option I wanted from a list of eight. Prices ranged from $6-$35 USD, plus insurance at an additional $2 USD, so I chose the cheapest one ($8 USD, including the insurance), and I was done. My package was shipped out later that same day, and when it arrived, everything was in perfect shape.

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The Costs (Customs & Duties)

In my experience, the price I paid ($6 USD + $2 USD in insurance) is pretty standard for shipping packages from Planet Express to Ukraine. I didn’t have to pay any customs or duties on my order, but that depends on the value and type of item you buy.

If you’re uneasy about how much you’ll have to pay to have your order shipped to Ukraine, I suggest using Planet Express’ shipping calculator above, or enter your items into a customs & duties calculator to help you estimate the cost.

In Summary

Overall, shipping Amazon items to Ukraine using Planet Express is surprisingly easy and smooth. The costs are low, and in my experience you’ll actually end up saving money, since Amazon’s prices are often much lower than those of local retailers in Ukraine.

If you’re shopping on, or any other retailer that only ships to the USA, I highly suggest making use of Planet Express.



Is Amazon available in Ukraine?

Some products ship to Ukraine, but many do not. Method #1 described above will help you find the products that do ship to Ukraine, and Method #2 enables you to get 100% of items on shipped to you in Ukraine.

Does Amazon offer free shipping to Ukraine?

No, Amazon does not offer free shipping to Ukraine, but Method #2 above shows you how to get your Amazon order shipped to Ukraine for $10 or less.

How much does Amazon shipping to Ukraine cost?

Amazon’s shipping fee to Ukraine depends on the items you’re buying and how quickly you want to receive them. If you use Amazon’s international search portal, you can place items in your cart and see how much shipping will cost before you check out.

If the item you’re buying won’t ship to Ukraine directly, you can use the Planet Express shipping calculator above to price out how much it will cost.

How long does Amazon take to ship to Ukraine?

If Amazon will ship your item directly to Ukraine, it normally takes at least 5-7 business days, and in some cases it can take quite a bit longer. Of course, Amazon has different shipping options you can choose from, but faster shipping methods can be quite expensive.

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What items will Amazon ship to Ukraine?

It’s hard to list the categories of items Amazon will ship to Ukraine, since that depends on individual sellers’ shipping policies.

When you’re using a package forwarder, though, you can get virtually any Amazon item shipped to Ukraine, including books, DVDs, software, clothing, baby products, beauty and cosmetics, consumer electronics, watches, luxury items, personal care items, scientific supplies, kitchen appliances, games, arts & crafts, health products, luggage, pet supplies, outdoor products, furniture, jewelry, home improvement items, garden tools, musical instruments, sporting equipment, shoes, toys, video games, and more.

Does Amazon Prime work in Ukraine?

If you have Amazon Prime via, all of your orders will be eligible for free shipping, but only within the USA. That means that if your order doesn’t ship to Ukraine, you can have it shipped for free to Planet Express, and then have it forwarded on to your address from there.

Can I buy Kindle books from Amazon in Ukraine?

You can only buy Kindle books from the Amazon store where your Kindle is registered, which means that if you bought a Kindle from, you have to buy your books from there, too.

How can I pay for my Amazon order from Ukraine?

You can pay for your Amazon order with a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, UnionPay, Diners Club), debit cards, US-based bank accounts, store cards, and Amazon gift cards.

If you’re not able to use any of those methods, you can take advantage of Planet Express’ Shop For Me service, in which Planet Express will buy the product you want using their credit card, and you’ll pay them directly instead of paying Amazon.

Can I buy Amazon gift cards from Ukraine?

Yes, you can buy Amazon gift cards from Ukraine in the same way you would buy any other product. The balance will be applied to the account of the Amazon store you buy them from, so make sure you’re on the correct Amazon website (,, etc.) before completing your purchase.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Can you ship from Amazon to Ukraine? ›

Yes we ship to Kiev, Ukraine.

How do I send an Amazon item to another country? ›

Set your delivery address to the eligible country. Add at least the minimum amount required of eligible products in your shopping cart. Any Fulfilled by Amazon item that indicates free shipping on the product detail or search results pages count towards your free shipping order minimum. Proceed to checkout.

Can I order from Amazon and have it sent to another country? ›

We ship products internationally with AmazonGlobal. Available product lines, shipping rates, and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order. To learn how to search and browse items that are eligible for international shipping, go to About International Orders and Deliveries during COVID-19.

How can I send items to Ukraine? ›

USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx are all top carriers that make for reliable choices. The following rates have been calculated using each carrier's unique pricing calculators for a standard example of a 2.125 lbs package in February 2022.

Are packages still being delivered to Ukraine? ›

US Postal Service continues to accept mail to Ukraine except for its Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service.

Does Amazon have warehouse in Ukraine? ›

In Kiev we have our own warehouse, where we consolidate cargo for shipping to the. USA. Containers are sent to America 2-3 times a month. Check the shipping cost with our managers by phone 0 800 300 577 or leave a request in the feedback form.

How do I buy a gift for someone in another country? ›

E-commerce websites, food, flowers and money transfers are all fantastic options to send gifts abroad online. Educate yourself on these options, and save yourself stress by mastering currency exchange, international duties and taxes.

Is shipping to Ukraine suspended? ›

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, FedEx, UPS and DHL have suspended deliveries to Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. At the present time, the US Postal Service is the only option for shipping to these countries, though USPS service may also experience interruptions or be unavailable depending upon circumstances on the ground.

What items Cannot be sent to Ukraine? ›

Alcoholic Beverages. Animal products, non-domesticated (e.g., mother of pearl inlay, snakeskin watch bands) Articles of high/unusual value. Biological substances, Category B and exempt human or animal specimens.

Is FedEx delivering to Ukraine? ›

FedEx | Express Delivery, Courier & Shipping Services | Ukraine.

Does Ukraine still ship to the USA? ›

Meest -America offers delivery of letters, documents, parcels, and commercial cargo from Ukraine to the USA. Meest courier will pick up the parcel at the address of residence in Ukraine and it will be delivered to your address in the USA. Delivery will take from 7 to 12 days.

Is mail still moving in Ukraine? ›

Despite the unpredictable, ever-changing logistics of war, the Ukrainian postal service has remained operational. The state agency even serviced occupied territories until the beginning of August, when Ukrposhta ended transactions in Russian-controlled regions citing the increased risks to employees.

Is FedEx helping Ukraine? ›

As of June 2022, FedEx has donated more than $2.3 million in humanitarian aid for Ukrainians affected by Russia's invasion.

Does Amazon have a wish list for Ukraine? ›

We have put an Amazon Wishlist together that contains items to supports the refugees, displaced people, and people affected by the war. That's the quickest way to get support into the hands of Ukrainians.

Is Amazon Prime available in Ukraine? ›

Yes, Amazon Prime is available in Ukraine.

Is there something like Amazon in Ukraine? ›

Question: Which is the top eCommerce & Shopping website in Ukraine? Answer: is the most popular eCommerce & Shopping website in Ukraine in January 2023.

How can I buy something online and get it delivered to another country? ›

Some online stores use internationally-known courier services, such as DHL, to deliver items door to door. Some opt to use a freight forwarding service that takes on the responsibility of shipping internationally to destinations using different methods, based on cost or quality.

Can an Amazon gift card be used overseas? ›

For example, Amazon has a different site for each country it serves. This means that you can only use an Amazon gift card in the country where it was purchased. Similarly, an iTunes gift card bought in the U.S. can only be used in the United States even though it is a global brand.

How much can a US citizen gift to a foreigner? ›

If your spouse is not a U.S. citizen, tax-free gifts are limited to present interest gifts whose total value is below the annual exclusion amount, which is $164,000 (for 2022) and $175,000 (for 2023).

Is the US shipping supplies to Ukraine? ›

While U.S. troops are not fighting on the ground in eastern Europe, the American military is significantly involved in the ongoing war, providing weapons, supplies, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

When did UPS stop shipping Ukraine? ›

FedEx and UPS suspended all package services in Ukraine after Russian forces invaded the country. Both U.S.-based shipping companies made the announcement on their websites on Feb. 24.

Where can I ship supplies to Ukraine? ›

AEC Parcel remains one of the few shipping companies that can still get shipments into Ukraine from the US and Canada. And we are proud to do our part in helping these people affected by war. AEC Parcel provides greatly reduced humanitarian aid shipping costs to Ukraine and other affected areas.

What Cannot be shipped to Ukraine? ›

Gold or other precious metals.
Prohibited Items
  • Ammunition (except as expressly provided in the "UPS Tariff/Terms and Conditions of Service - United States" beginning on page 136)
  • Bank bills, notes or currency (other than coin)
  • Corpses, cremated or disinterred remains.
  • Fireworks.
  • Hazardous waste.
  • Ivory.

Can you mail care packages to Ukraine? ›

In addition, individuals and groups across the U.S. put together care packages to send to Ukrainians who have lost their homes. They collect items like non-perishable food, toys, clothing, medical supplies, and other items for immediate use and ship them to relief organizations and volunteers in Ukraine.

Can I ship supplies to Ukraine? ›

For customers who live in the U.S.: Maximum value of goods one may ship to a recipient in Ukraine without having to pay additional import duty is 150 EUR; Maximum weight of one parcel - 66 lbs (30 kg); Every parcel is insured with the company for $60.00.


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