How much time I spent on LoL » Your How-to Guide (2023)

Have you ever asked yourself the question: how much time have I spent on LoL? Riot Games doesn’t let you know your total hours spent in League of Legends, but there are some other ways to go for this.

To begin with, Riot does allow you to see how much time you spent on LoL this season. But this means that it only reflects your ranked hours. To know this, just do as follows:

  • Run League of Legends on your computer
  • Instead of going straight ahead for a match, click your profile tab
  • Then go to the “Stats” tab on that menu
  • On your bottom left, just under the number of Games Played, you will see the number of ranked hours played during the current season.

Now, if what you want to know is the total of hours you have ever spent on LoL, then you will have to go for third parties who offer this service.

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© Riot Games

Wasted on LoL

Finding out how much time you spent on LoL is quick and easy, simply head into Wasted on LoL (, select your region, and enter your summoner name to find out how much time you have spent on League of Legends.

Wasted on LoL is easy to navigate, with minimal links and clutter. Besides, there is more to this site. On the top bar menu, you can buy RP and check the 20 top player lists on each regions, based on how much time have those players spent in League of Legends.

Wasted on LoL can cover all accounts in servers directly hosted by Riot games. Unfortunately, this also means accounts from China, whose region is hosted by qq, and a large portion of South East Asia whose region is hosted by Garena, are not covered.

On the downside, being a third party, Wasted on LoL does not give you a 100% accurate count on the hours played. Nevertheless, it is the closest you can get to your total hours.

How to use

The process is quite simple:

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  • On the site’s homepage, there is a tab where you must enter your summoner’s name.
  • On the right side of that tab, you select your region.
  • Then, just click the “How much time i wasted on LoL” button below.

After this, you will get to see how many hours you have played on LoL based on their data. The time spent playing LoL will be shown in minutes, hours and days. It will also show you your ranking position in your region and in the world. Also it will give you a nice equivalent time if you were reading book, watched movies or walked instead of play. Twitter and Facebook share buttons are also available.

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© Wasted on LoL

Is accurate?

The short answer is no. While this site offers you the possibility of knowing your hours, it is a third party site with low access to the RIOT database. Therefore, you can’t be 100% sure about’s accuracy.

On the other hand, many users have a complaint about it already in forums, stating that they have played a lot less than the site’s results show.

We also suggest you using Google Chrome while visiting this website. We have experienced a severe slowdown with other browsers.

Alternative ways to find out how much time you have spent on LoL

Moving on, if your region is not available in Wasted on LoL, there is an alternate way to find out the time you’ve spent playing the game. Simply use sites that gather player statistics & data like the Chinese, find your total games and average game time, and then multiply the two numbers.

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There really aren’t other sites similar to that may have a more accurate approach. used to offer an accurate summary of the hours you played during the latest season, and also had an average for all the seasons before that. So, you could get an idea by just summing those numbers. Unfortunately, since November 2019 is no longer active.

Other options are to make the calculations yourself.

You can check your number of played games at sites such as Then multiply that number by 30 (as 30 minutes is the average time for low-rank matches) or 25 (25 minutes is the average for top-rank matches). This way you will get an average idea of how many hours you have spent in-game.

Another way to get an estimate of your number of played games is to divide your total mastery points and then divide the result by 650. This way you don’t have to trust sites like to give you a number.

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Looking for other sites to help you improve, aside from coaching?

Surprisingly, despite the growing competitiveness of theLeague of Legends esportsscene, the pro players are nowhere to be seen in the top-boards for spent hours. This means that simple practice and play does not directly translate to success. After all, we all know of the term hard stuck, where you fail to gain any progress despite years of play.

Improving without the use of expensive coaching is both practical and simple with the various sites and programs available.Mobalytics, in particular, provides frequently updated patch tier lists, and also offers a program to give tailored guided support in-game.

The analytics from the Mobalytics will undoubtedly aid in steering you towards victory. The aid from Mobalytics doesn’t stop simply on Summoners Rift, the app/site also covers all things team fight tactics and legends of Rune Terra.

On the other hand, despiteLoLKing being dead, you can use similar sites likeop.ggto easily improve your game. makes it easy to view item build paths and masteries from any player, including your favorite League of Legends YouTubers and streamers.

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So, even though it is highly unlikely that you will get the same success by following the same build paths and masteries, in specific match-ups having this intel will be sure to provide an advantage. This is especially good for new players who lack the time to spend hours watching pros or streamers to improve.

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What is the average amount of time a person plays LoL for?

According to statistics released by Riot Games, the average League of Legends player spends 832 hours on the game. This translates to almost 35 days straight. Given this number takes into account new players as well, it is likely veterans in the game may well exceed this, having played league for hundreds of days.

How much money have I spent on League of Legends?

If you want to know how much money you have spent in League of Legends, all you need to do is follow thislink. Here you sign in and get the balance of your spent cash in your current region – This is a Riot support link, so all the information is accurate and only you can access it through your account.

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© Riot Games

Don’t be too defeated by your hours

While in hindsight, discovering the amount of time you have spent playing League of Legends may seem high, for most, averaging it out is not too bad. Assuming the average player has only played for two years, that’s only about two games a day.

Yet, you may think “How much time I spent on LoL and I haven’t achieved to be a pro player” but this shouldn’t turn you down. There are several ways to put your knowledge and experience to good use:

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  • You can sign up with DraftKings and use your knowledge to draft a LoL fantasy team and win cash prizes
  • You can follow the biggest tournaments and bet with traditional esports bookmakers, like, Betway, or Bet365.
  • Or, you can blog-up and write LoL guides and esports news for other fans to read.

As you can see, there is a lot to do with the time spent on LoL. So, check out your time and find out how much you can do with what you know.

Time Spent on LoL FAQ

Is it possible to see how much time I’ve spent on League of Legends?

There’s good news here! If you’re the kind of person who actually wants to see how much of your life you’ve spent on League of Legends, you can do just that. Follow the step by step guide in game to see your in-game hours.

How much time is too much to spend on LoL?

Gone are the days of people judging you for spending a few hundred hours on your favorite game. In fact, many esports games require a pretty huge commitment to achieve any real level of skill. The short answer, don’t be ashamed of your hours as long as you’ve had fun!

Can I earn money playing League of Legends?

Professional playing is probably beyond the skill level of most players, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money. There are a lot of ways to make money including using your knowledge and skills to make bets, enter tournaments and engage with the community.

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Do you know how League of Legends Ranks work? Read our guide!


How long should I spend on each question on the ACT? ›

Students have 35 minutes to complete 40 questions on both the Reading and Science sections, which means you have 52 seconds per question or a little less than nine minutes for each of the four Reading passages and a little less than six minutes for each of the six Science passages.

How many hours does it take to improve your ACT score? ›

There are rough guidelines if you want to improve a certain amount of points. With the ACT, improving by 1 point requires about 10 hours of studying. 2-3 points mean 20 hours, 2-4 means 40 hours, 4-6 requires 80, and anything above that means you're looking at 150+ hours of studying to make information stick.

How do you answer the ACT reading questions fast? ›

Cross out what you know is wrong.

Each ACT Reading question presents you with four answer choices. Only one is correct. That means you can immediately start crossing out choices, instead of trying to guess which one is correct. The key here is to find the flaw in each choice.

How do you get a 26 on the ACT? ›

To score a 26, you only need a 40 out of 60 raw score. Put in another way - you can completely miss 20 questions (33% of the test) and still score a 26. Wow - you can completely skip the hardest 30% of all questions and still hit your goal.

Is getting a 24 on the ACT hard? ›

A score of 24 on the ACT certainly makes you an eligible candidate, as well as competitive! To put this another way, a 24 ACT score puts you at the 73rd percentile, meaning you scored higher than 73% of all test takers — which is definitely something to be proud of!

Is it easy to get a 27 on the ACT? ›

Considering those things, it's easy to say that a 27 ACT score is good. Looking at this from another angle, earning a score of 27 lands you in the 85th percentile, meaning that you've scored higher than 85% of all test takers. Give yourself a round of applause!

Is 2 months enough to study for ACT? ›

Two hours a week of studying for two months is a good general goal if you are closer to the test date. If you have four or more months before the test, you could try just an hour a week.

Is 1 month enough to study for ACT? ›

With just one month to study for the ACT, you'll want to be as organized as possible to make the most of your time. It's ideal to spread your ACT prep over two or three months, but one month is still enough to see score gains.

How hard is it to get a 36 on the Reading ACT? ›

Getting a perfect ACT score is a pretty rare feat. The number of students in 2020 who scored a full 36 was 5,579 out of over 1.6 million — or about 0.33% of test-takers. Don't be discouraged by the rarity of a perfect score. Even if you don't earn a 36, coming close is still an excellent result.

What is the best answer choice for guessing on the ACT? ›

For most of the ACT, there is no “best” letter to guess. Except… at the end of the Math section. Most people (and tutors) tell students that, if they have no idea on a question, to just guess answer choice “C” — the middle answer on most multiple choice tests.

How do I guarantee a 36 on the ACT? ›

Based on the ACT practice tests, most sections require you to miss 0 questions to receive a score of 36. However, in the Math section, you might be able to miss 1 question and still receive a 36. Receiving a score of 35 most often entails missing 1–3 questions in each section.

Is a 13 a low ACT score? ›

13 ACT Score Standings

Out of the 1.91 million test-takers, 1780773 scored the same or higher than you. You can apply to 4 colleges and have a good shot at getting admitted. You have a very low chance of getting into 1495 schools with this score.

Should I retake the ACT if I got a 27? ›

Is 27 ACT Score Good? With a score of 27, you are in the 87th percentile of all test takers. More likely than not, with a score of 27, you'll often be in or near the commonly accepted range at selective colleges. The exception may be the Ivy League where the score required may be higher than 30 on average.

Is 25 a low ACT score? ›

Earning an ACT score of 25 puts you above average, making you eligible at a wide variety of schools and competitive at some selective institutions. To put this accomplishment in another light, a 25 ACT score puts you at the 75th percentile — that means you scored higher than 75% of all test takers.

What ACT score is needed for Harvard? ›

Average ACT score for Harvard University (With Writing)

The average ACT score for students who get accepted into Harvard is between 32 and 35. This is well above the national average of 21. Considering 36 is the highest you can score, this is a daunting goal.

Is 26 a good ACT score for a freshman? ›

A 26 makes you eligible to apply at a majority of colleges, and competitive to apply at some competitive institutions! Understanding your score from a different angle, a 26 ACT score puts you at the 83rd percentile — meaning you scored higher than 83% of all test takers.

Is a 33 ACT good? ›

A 33 puts you at the 98th percentile, meaning you scored higher than 98% of all test takers! Congratulations! You're also qualified for a sizable amount of merit aid, which can really help pay off college tuition.

What is the easiest month to take the ACT? ›

Origin of the Myth

But here's the thing: While there were studies done that showed higher scores in one month than another, those months changed year to year. First experts would cry “December is easiest! Take it in December!” and a few years later they'd swear “May is by far easier!”

What section of the ACT is the hardest? ›

Do You Feel Confident in the Content? Obviously, it's not a good idea to take the ACT® unless you have a good grasp on the content that will be tested. The ACT® Reading and ACT® Science sections are both the hardest and easiest to prepare for.

Do ACT tests get harder? ›

Relatively speaking, the ACT has gotten “harder” over the years. As students start to do better on ACT, the test-makers gradually adjust the difficulty level of the test.

Is 23 a low ACT score? ›

A score of 23 on the ACT is above the current national average and will make you a strong applicant at many universities, but it may fall below the average score for accepted students at more selective colleges. The higher your ACT score, the more options are open to you. Read on to learn more about ACT scores.

Is 19 a Ok ACT score? ›

What Is a Good ACT Score Overall? A good ACT score ranks you higher than the majority of test-takers. As such, any composite score above the 50th percentile, or 19-20, can be considered a solid score.

Is 22 a low ACT score? ›

Is 22 a good ACT score? A 22 ACT score is above the national average score of 21, making you eligible to apply as a good candidate to many colleges.

What grade is the best time to take ACT? ›

Most high school students take the ACT for the first time in their junior year. While you may wait to take it until the fall of your senior year, it's usually best to sit for the ACT sooner, ideally by the spring of your junior year.

Is the ACT test easier? ›

Section Summary: Neither the SAT nor the ACT is harder than the other – but each test benefits a different type of student. It's essential that you figure out which test is best suited for you, so that you can achieve the highest scores possible.

Is it possible to study for the ACT in one day? ›

For the majority of test-takers, this isn't possible. Standardized tests usually require advanced prep time and study. There are rare cases where a student has such a good handle on academic knowledge and such a gift for standardized testing that a final-day glance at the ACT is all they need.

Can I raise my ACT score by 6 points? ›

Although one month of ACT prep isn't enough for everyone, it can suffice if your goal is to improve your score by no more than 4-6 total points. Students who want to improve their scores by 6-9 points will be better off aiming for a smaller score improvement and then retaking the ACT at a later date.

Is the ACT easier or harder? ›

Neither the SAT or ACT is harder than the other. Different students tend to do better on one test over the other.

Is it possible to study for the ACT in a week? ›

You can make a lot of progress in 10 days, but you need to dedicate the necessary time to improve your ACT score. In this guide, I'll walk you through the steps to raise your score by up to four points in just 10 days. WARNING: Don't use this rushed study program unless absolutely necessary.

How rare is a perfect SAT score? ›

How Many People Get A Perfect SAT Score? Yearly, less than 1% of all test-takers get a perfect score. That's hundreds out of nearly three million people who take the test. The people who score perfect aren't necessarily the smartest test-takers–but they are often the most prepared.

How many people get 1600 on SAT? ›

A 1600 is only achieved by around 300 test takers per year and makes you eligible and highly competitive for admission at every college. Looking at this from another angle, a 1600 SAT score is in the 99nth percentile, which means you scored higher than 99% of all other 2 million+ test takers.

Is it easier to read the SAT or ACT? ›

One test is not inherently easier than the other - it all depends on your skills. Keep your own strengths and weaknesses in mind as you read through the following sections.

Is C the most common answer? ›

In other words? There is no most common answer on the SAT. Ultimately, guessing C (or any letter!) will give you the correct answer only a statistical 25% of the time.

Is C the most common answer on ACT? ›

Absolutely not! Sometimes it seems like “C”—or its equivalent, “H”—is the most common answer choice, but this is merely a myth. In fact, the answer choice orders on the ACT and SAT are generated by a computer and are entirely random.

Is C the most common answer on tests? ›

What is the most common answer on a test? Remember, the expected likelihood of each option being correct is 25%. And on tests with five choices (say, A, B, C, D, and E), E was the most commonly correct answer (23%). C was the least (17%).

Who is the youngest person to get a 36 on the ACT? ›

Ava Fleury. Fleury scored a perfect 36 on the ACT test at 14-years-old.

How hard is it to get a 32 on the ACT? ›

A 32 ACT score puts you at the 97th percentile — that means you scored higher than 97% all test takers! Congratulations!

How hard is it to get a 34 on the ACT? ›

On the ACT, 34 and up is the 99th percentile.

So if you score 34 or higher, you're in the top 1% of test takers!

What is ACT 99th percentile? ›

99th Percentile: 34

A 34 is a really, really high score. It's only two points away from a perfect score, but it's still a feat that is accomplished by 1-in-100 test takers.

Is 47 a good ACT score? ›

Generally, a composite score of 24 or higher is considered good by national standards. Scores in this range put students in the 74th percentile or higher. In other words, a composite score of 24 means that you're better than 74% of all test takers. Higher scores make students stand out more in ACT score percentiles.

Can I get into college with a 12 ACT score? ›

12 ACT Score Standings

You can apply to 4 colleges and have a good shot at getting admitted. You have a very low chance of getting into 1495 schools with this score.

Is 31 a good ACT score for a sophomore? ›

Is 31 a good ACT score? A 31 ACT score makes you eligible to apply to the vast majority of schools as a competitive applicant, as well as makes you eligible for merit aid. All of that considered, a 31 is definitely a good ACT score.

Is 30 a good ACT score for a sophomore? ›

Because of all this, a 30 ACT score is definitely considered good! To help you understand your standing within all test takers, a score of 30 on the ACT puts you at the 93rd percentile, meaning you scored higher than 93% of all test takers.

What is the lowest ACT score you can get? ›

Your Composite score and each test score (English, mathematics, reading, science) range from 1 (low) to 36 (high).

Is it better to guess or leave questions blank on the ACT? ›

There is no penalty for guessing on the ACT. Never, ever, ever, leave any answers blank. You have a 25% chance of getting the question right if you guess. So at the very least, always guess!

How many questions can you miss on ACT to get a 33? ›

2 questions wrong drops you to a 33 in Science on that test. If you are aiming to get a 34 on 1 section and 36 on the rest to get a 36 composite score, you should aim for at most 2 wrong on that section.

How many questions can you miss to get a 27 on the ACT? ›

Overall, you can skip/get wrong around 50 questions per ACT test to get a composite score of 26. For English, you can skip/miss 14 questions on average to get a 26. For Math, you can skip/miss 17 questions on average to get a 26. For Reading, you can skip/miss 11 questions on average to get a 26.

Is a 36 on the ACT easy? ›

How Many People Get a 36 on the ACT? Getting a perfect ACT score is a pretty rare feat. The number of students in 2020 who scored a full 36 was 5,579 out of over 1.6 million — or about 0.33% of test-takers. Don't be discouraged by the rarity of a perfect score.


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