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It's an evolving story, one focussed on never staying still, delivering technical solutions to human problems, and ultimately always delivering the best quality service to our customers.

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Providing internet services since 1998

Originally formed from a successful consultancy firm that provided IT and internet consultancy services to clients that have included HBOS, Pilkington Glass and Everton FC to name but a few. From a single server we have grown to hundreds with a well connected ultra fast, secure network that spans the UK enabling our customers to deliver their content to the rest of the world.

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    1998The Internet was new, Microsoft FrontPage was a hot product for creating web content and we were live, bucking the trend among the early web hosting companies of the day by offering web hosting exclusively on a Windows server platform. The fax machine was still the favourite way for businesses to communicate information. We started with a single server.

    Web design was pretty basic in those days but our animated gif union flag still pretty cutting edge!

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    2003By now database driven content and web sites were most definately the thing to have and we were well established providing everything a developer needs.

    Our 30 day moneyback guarantee, low prices and high value services were helping people and businesses get on line every day.

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    2005Our first professional redesigned web site came had to happen as the range of products we were now offering included everything from domain names and web sites to dedicated servers and connectivity and hosting on both Windows and Linux.

    In those days our cutting edge dedicated servers offered a whopping 512Mb of RAM and a single 80 GB hard drives!

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    2010By 2010 we were operating from datacentres in London and Manchester and our facility at our head office in North Wales. We also had our own redundant network spanning all three.

    We were embracing the cloud and providing a range of services including Microsoft Exchange, Cloud Backup and Managed hosting.

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    2012In October 2012 we became a proud member of the Iomart family, a leading UK company with an enviable reputation for providing quality cloud computing services.

    Hosting UK goes from strength to strength and our customers benefit from rock solid Iomart network spanning ten UK datacentres all wholly owned and opearated by Iomart.

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    2015A new web site for a new era. Our servers are faster, our network is faster, our support is even better than ever.

    Our new optimised WordPress hosting plans and Office 365 hosting add new services to our ever expanding customer base.

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So... why choose Hosting UK?

With so many internet providers and so much choice who do you choose? Why choose one provider over another? And more to the point, why choose Hosting UK? Surely we're just "another provider"?

Hosting UK was founded on some basic principles that define everything that we do. Our ethos from the beginning has been to deliver quality services backed up with excellent customer support:

Our customers are more than just numbers, and they deserve to be treated as the individuals they are. We believe that in your experience when dealing with us you should always receive friendly, personal and yet professional service.

We will do all that we can to provide the best service that we can in every thing that we do. In doing all of these things our customers will value us and the service that we provide them so ensuring the continuation and growth of our business.

Experience and stability

Founded in 1998, we’ve been providing internet services from the very earliest days of the internet.

It would be fair to say we know a thing or two about delivering internet services!

We own and operate our own UK datacentres

We don't claim to have our own datacentres but really just rent space like some hosting companies do. We designed and built our own datacentre which ensures that everything is tailored to delivering the best service possible.

We own our own fast and diverse network

With multiple resilient connections to the internet backbone and with peering arrangements with major UK ISPs in the UK via LINX and EDGE-IX and in Europe at AmsIX we ensure that internet traffic uses the fastest and shortest route to its destination meaning faster loading times for your web site.

Our support is delivered by real engineers

No call centres here! - The same smart people that look after our datacentres and servers and who know our systems inside out are the same people that deliver support to you.

We only ever use branded hardware

We only use Dell servers. Other hosting companies might choose to use generic components, or clone servers but in choosing Dell we know that their servers are designed and built to perform deliver powerful performance, 24 hours a day.

You matter

Believe it or not, providing you with outstanding service is important to us.

The way we see it, if you have a good day, we have a good day. So keeping our customers happy is our number one goal - it's a factor in everything we do.

No dodgy salesmen

There are no snake-oil salesmen here. If you call up and ask for sales you’ll actually get through to an engineer who has the experience to understand your requirements and advise you on what you need. What they won’t do is try and sell you something you don’t need.

100% Uptime SLA’s

We’re that confident in our infrastructure that we’ll back it up with a money back 100% SLA. Our power is delivered to us, cleaned up by our UPS and backed up by our standby generators which in turn have supply agreements in place to keep them ready to run at all times. Our network connectivity is fed diversely and securely and routed via multiple carriers and peering agreements.

We're Environmentally responsible

Sourced from renewable supplies only and our servers are power efficient units. Our datacentre also operates a free air system, supplementing it’s cooling with filtered air from outside, reducing our power and carbon footprint. Our standby generator enclosure was specially built to prevent against any impact to the environment. Our power protection equipment including UPS and Generator was the most efficient we could source. Our paper waste when we have any, is collected and recycled and we only buy recycled paper.

We’re financially stable

We’ve grown year on year, and we’ve always been profitable. We reinvest in our business constantly and retain our customers through delivering a better service that ensures our continued success and stability.

Part of the Iomart group of companies our customers benefit in every way from the stability and excellence of our parent.

Free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Support is a basic right of service. Our technical support is provided for free. We don't charge premium rate when you call us, or in fact anything for support. You'll find our support engineers to be knowledgeable personable people.

All support issues are dealt with in order of priority. We will always endeavour to rectify any problem pointed out to us as quickly as possible and normally within one hour during normal business hours, however some problems take longer to solve than others, and it may not be possible with some to fix them within an hour.

We aim to respond to all technical support requests as fast as possible.

Outside normal business hours we deal with issues on a priority basis only and may not answer some issues until the next business day if they are not deemed urgent. Please note, if you believe your issue is a priority issue and needs an urgent response immediately, you will always be able to reach a duty engineer by telephone.

For details of how to contact support and to visit our support site please follow this link.

Where an issue affects more than one web site we will notify all affected parties as soon as possible. This will normally be via the support pages of the Hosting UK web site, and where needed via e-mail.

Our PartnersWe only use the best so we can deliver nothing but the best to our customers. Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

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If there is any information you can't find on our web site or that we have not included here please ask by either calling 01745 586070 or submit a query

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